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We all go through stuff, for some of us its been a life long struggle, for others its one major event that has changed how the world looks and feels, life just isn’t the same. I became a therapist in 2012 and it started off as a hobby. I was obsessed with human performance and what would bring me close to the pinnacle of human endurance was working alongside athletes. What I didn’t realise then was that my love of human performance would eventually lead me down the rabbit hole of beginning to understand how our minds work or more to the point what happens to us when they don’t. I have been lucky enough to link my passion for learning about how humans think and behave with travel and training. I decided to take my study outside of the UK. I trained in New York, the progressive teaching of Hypnotherapy enabled me to really start great independent work in the UK. I coupled that with an eye movement therapy qualification. (IEMT) Which I am proud to say has enabled so many individuals to move past their very own personal experiences.

I realise that many people are struggling with depression, anxitey trauma and emotional pain daily. That some times the most difficult thing to do is to ask for help. I know that in my case it was the last thing in the world I wanted to do. I wanted to help myself. I didn’t want to ask, thankfully for me I was mentored and guided back to health and wellness. The first step is the one you are doing now. Reading this page wondering can I help you, the truth is I don’t know? The truth is I may never have ever heard about what you are going through and the uniqueness of your situation. What I do know is it takes courage to even get this far, and if you reach out with the contact form I will endeavour to really understand what it is you are experiencing. The chances are because I have dedicated myself to truly and deeply understanding  your problem and your experience. Something might change.  How we get there starts with one tiny step… If you would like to talk to me, fill out the contact form I will personally get back to you. We start with a phone call, you tell me whats happening. There is no requirement to book in for any sessions. I will ask you at the end of the conversation if you would like to work with me… If not no problem…If you would then booking confirmation paperwork is sent to you via email and we meet in zoom for online sessions… If you would like to hear from people who have taken those next steps check out the testimonials.


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